Ticket related

Q: How to buy tickets?
The Shout Out Festival offers https://tickets.books.com.tw/ exclusively to sale tickets online. For details, please visit: https://tickets.books.com.tw/progshow/03010101513568

Q: Can I purchase tickets at Leo Foo Theme Park on 6th, Sep?
For security reasons, if the pre-sale ticket reaches the maximum number of activities, no tickets will be sold during the festival. Please refer to the official website announcement and https://tickets.books.com.tw/

Q: Do children need tickets for entrance?
Children under 3 years old or under 100 cm in height are free of entrance and must be accompanied by parents.

Q: How do overseas audience buy tickets?
The https://tickets.books.com.tw/ has service for overseas consumers.
For details, please contact https://tickets.books.com.tw/
More, you could choose the travel package itinerary provided by our partner

Q: Will there be a disability ticket?
Yes, please check the link below:

Q: If I want to refund my ticket, how can I do?
This event entrusts https://tickets.books.com.tw/

to carry out the refund/ticketing service. For related specifications, please check out: https://tickets.books.com.tw/progshow/03010101513568


1. Leofoo Hotel(六福客棧)

2.Leofoo Residences(六福居)

3.Leofoo Resort Guanshi (關西六福莊)

4.六福萬怡 Couryard Taipei

Program activities related

Q: Is there any artist still not announced?
The latest news please follow up the official website. https://shoutoutfest.com/

Q: When can I enter?
From 6th to 8th, September, please take your ticket to change the bracelet starting from 09:00, and queue up for entrance with your bracelet.

Q: After 9:00, can I play the rides?
During the festival, Leo Foo theme park e Amusement Facilities will operate as usual. If there are repair facilities or areas during the event, please refer to the official announcement of Leo Foo theme park. (The program of the music festival will be performed according to the official program.)

Q: What is the opening time of the water park?
From 6th to 8th, September, the water park is open from 9:00-17:00

Q: Entrance restrictions for water parks
If you need a swimsuit or a suit for water, you can enter the play area. If you have a discomfort or drunkenness, please do not enter the play area for safety.


Q: How about going to Leo Foo theme park?
Please refer to the "Accommodation Transportation" page https://shoutoutfest.com/en/access.php

Q: How many parking spaces are there in Leo Foo theme park? Does it need to be charged?
There are 3,000 standard parking spaces (General four-seater car) in Leo Foo theme park.
Single vehicle is charged $100 Taiwan dollar per time per day
Single motorcycle is charged $30 per time per day

Accommodation related

Q: Where can I live around?
Please refer to the "Accommodation Transportation" page https://shoutoutfest.com/en/access.php

Q: Is there a place to camp at the theme park?
No. After the end of the program, the venue will be emptied, the equipment will be repaired, and the camping site will not be planned. The organizer has negotiated various accommodation offers with the surrounding hotels and will announce them on the official website.

Q: Can the parking area to be used for tents?
For the safety, the parking area is only for parking, and it is forbidden to make fires and tents.

Q: Can I park my car in the parking area and sleep in the car?
For the overall safety considerations, the park and parking area related fields are not open at 00:00-08:00. Please take good rest and continue to join in activities every other day. If there is a vehicle breakdown or special circumstances, please contact the Service Center for assistance.

Program activities & venue related

Q: Can I purcahse the official merchandise in advance ?
A: The official merchandise of Shout Out Festival ’19 will only be sold at the venue, but we will release the catalog on the official website beforehand. Please notice that the amount of the official merchandise is limited and we only accept cash in order to simplify the purchasing process.

Q: Can I rent a pram for baby ?
A: There are 90 prams can be rent at the guest service center around the entrance of Leofoo Village Theme Park, and the deposit is 500$, with extra 50$ for rent per day. Please notice that the pram needs to be returned before you leave the Theme park. Also, kids are welcomed to the festival due to there are lots of child-friendly facilities.

Q: Is there any stall for the merchandise of artists ?
A: Yes, the stalls for both artists merchandise and official merchandise will be set along the entrance boulevard. And sorry for the inconvenience that we only accept cash in order to simplify the purchasing process.

Program activities related

Q: What if I lost my wristband ?
A: Please notice that once you exchange your ticket to wristband, we won’t give you another wristband if it’s lost or broken.

Q: Can I change another wristband if the one I had became too tight ?
A: You could ask the staff to tight as the most comfortable way of wearing the wristband when you first put it on. We cannot guarantee to provide another wristband because of the limited amount.

Q: Can my ticket be reissued if I lost it ?
A: Since there’s no name on the ticket, please keep it carefully. If there’s any problem with purchasing or ticket,you can refer to our appointed ticketwebsite https://tickets.books.com.tw/progshow/03010101513568

Q: Can I bring my pets with me ?
A: For safety reasons, pets are not allowed to enter the theme park, so please don’t bring your beloved pets with you. If you have any specific need, there’s a pet house at the guest service center where you can temporarily place your pets for 50$ per time. Due to the limited space, we highly recommend you not to bring your pets to the festival.

Q: Is there any locker in the theme park ?
A: There will be a stalls service for carry-on luggage deposit, 50$ per time per day, please refer to the map for the location. Also, there are some coin lockers located around the theme park that you can use.

Where to find the coin lockers:
1.Arabian Kingdom ( 15 for 10$, and 12 for 30$ )
2.Wild west(45 for 10 $, 18 for 30$)
3.Next to guest service center (60 for 10$, 36 for 30$)
4.South Pacific ( 30 for 10$ )
5.Since water park will close at 6pm, please notice that you’re not able to use the lockers in water park after 6.

Q: If I’m a foreign visitor with big luggage, where can I deposit it ?
A: For placing your big luggage, you can refer to guest service center near to the main gate. It costs 50$ per item per day.


Q: Can I be the volunteer of Shout Out Festival ?
A: Sorry that we don’t call for volunteers this year.

Q: Can I be one of the stall at Shout Out Festival ?
A: Sorry that we don’t have plan for individual vendor, all the stalls at Shout Out Festival are for official purpose and sponsors.

Q: Can I perform at Shout Out Festival ?
A: Thank you for your interest, but only the artists invited will perform this year, you still could send your introduction to our service mailbox.

Q: Is there any fan meeting events during the festival ?
A: Please follow the official announcement for any event or activity.

Q: Will the festival provide rain gear under unpleasant weather condition ?
A: You can buy a light raincoat or raincoat with animal patterns in the theme park.

Q: Is using umbrella around the stage area allowed at the festival ?
A: For safety reasons, please DO NOT use umbrellas around stages, so don’t forget to bring your own raincoat, waterproof clothing, or hat to the festival.

Q: Is there any smoking area in the theme park ?
A: There are a few smoking area in the theme park and they’ll be marked on the area map. Please notice that smoking outside smoking areas are strictly forbidden. Thank you for the cooperation.

Q: Is there any nursing room in the theme park ?
A: There are many child-friendly restrooms in the theme park as well as nursing room, please refer to the area map for locations.

Q: Is there any ATM in the theme park ?
A : There’s only ONE ATM in the theme park, so we kindly suggest you bring enough cash with you.

Q: Can I bring my own food and bevargae to the theme park ?
A: You’ll have to pass a security check before entering the theme park, so please notice that the items mentioned below are forbidden to bring in the theme park : food, beverage, glass bottles, and any other dangerous goods.

Q: Can I pay by credit card when purchasing goods in the theme park ?
A: Leofoo Village Theme Park provides multi payment service, including credit card, gama pay, and cash. But vending machine, lockers, and some stalls only accept cash.

Q: What if I lost any property ?
A: Pleae go to service counter for further assistence.

Q: What if I found other lost property ?
A: Please immediately hand in the lost property to service counter.

Q: What if I feel sick during the festival ?
A: Please contact any staff around you for help to head for first aid station.

Q: Does the festival provide babysitting service ?
A: Sorry that we don’t provide babysitting service.

Q: Do the restaurants in the theme park provide vegetarian food ?
A: Yes, the restaurants in Wild West, South Pacific, and Arabian Kingdom areas provide vegetarian food.

Q: Is there accessible restroom in the theme park ?
A: Yes, there are accessible restrooms.

Q: Can I join the festival if I hold a valid complimentary ticket of Leofoo Village Theme Park ?
A: Since Shout Out Festival is considered a privileged event in Leofoo Village Theme Park, sorry that you can not use the complimentary ticket during the 3-day festival. (9/6~9/8)

Q: Can I join the festival if I hold a ticket of Leofoo Village Theme Park ?
A: Since Shout Out Festival is considered a privileged event in Leofoo Village Theme Park, sorry that you can not use the complimentary ticket during the 3-day festival. (9/6~9/8)

Q: Can I join the feistival if I stay at Leofoo Resort Guanshi ?
A: Since Shout Out Festival is considered a privileged event in Leofoo Village Theme Park, you still have to purchase the extra ticket for Shout Out Festival if you’re the guest of Leofoo Resort Guanshi.